Haircut  with scissors and machine

18€  hairdresser
23€ senior hairdresser


Haircut with machine only

12€ hairdresser
15€ senior hairdresser

Childrens´ haircut

Depending on the complexity of the haircut

10- 20€

Beard modelling

All lengths of beard


Haircut+beard modelling

25€ hairdresser
33€ senior hairdresser

Machinecut+beard modelling

22€ hairdresser
25€ senior hairdresser

Haircut+purifying treatment for scalp

Haircut + Davines Purifying anti-dandruff treatment, very effective. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungus effect.

30€ hairdresser
33€ senior hairdresser

Haircut + Anti-hairloss treatment

Concentrated multi active treatment for scalp. For hormonal and stress caused hairloss.

30€ hairdresser
33€ senior hairdresser